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Welcome to Pure Nappy Cakes!
Welcome to Pure Nappy Cakes!

Baby Shower Guide

Baby Shower Decorations

Baby Shower Guide

Baby Showers, just like nappy cakes have been a long standing tradition in the US, making their way over to Australia and now to the UK where they are ever growing in popularity!


What is a baby shower?

A baby shower is a party thrown for expectant mums a month or two before their baby is due to celebrate the imminent arrival of a new life and also to give baby gifts or a nappy cake to the Mummy to be so that she has everything ready for when the baby comes.


Who should organise the baby shower?

Anyone can host the baby shower except for the mummy to be! So a close friend, sister, aunt, Nanny or colleague can be in charge of arranging the baby shower.


How far in advance can we throw a baby shower?

Usually a baby shower is thrown a month or two before the baby is due. Although some prefer to have a baby shower ‘welcome party’ instead which is thrown after the baby is born to celebrate the new arrival!
The baby shower can be a suprise for the expectant mum or you may want to tell her so that she can contribute ideas or write a gift list if required.


Location of the baby shower

The baby shower can be held anywhere that is comfortable for mummy to be, however if holding the baby shower at the mummy-to-be's own home ensure there is help to tidy up after the shower as sh

e should not have to clear up afterward herself. Possible locations are at her parents house, a friends or relatives house or you could use a local community hall, cafe or similar function room.

Custom Baby shower nappy cake


Baby Shower Checklist:

  • Food and Drink
  • Tableware, Cups, plates, cutlery and napkins
  • Table centrepiece (ie large nappy cake)
  • Invitations
  • Room decorations
  • Venue
  • Prizes for the games
  • Baby shower guest book for all the guests to sign
  • Camera to record the event
  • Baby shower nappy cake
  • Baby shower favours
  • Baby shower games!
  • Mummy-to-be sash or badge

Remember a baby shower doesnt have to cost the earth, a few balloons and home made invitations will save some pennies. By asking each guest to bring some food and baking cakes instead of buying them will also help to lower the cost. Many paper decorations and banners can be made for very little cost. It may be a good idea to allocate a task or section to each guest.


What to buy as a baby shower gift?

This largely depends on if there is already a wish list written by the mum to be as well as if it is her first baby or not. Newborn babies go through an average of 6-8 nappies a day and with up to 100+ nappies inside nappy cakes by Pure Nappy Cakes they make perfect gifts for a baby shower.
Nappy Cakes or ‘Baby cakes’ are stunning and include many essentials a new mum will need. Many of our customers have said that the baby shower nappy cake they bought was the talk of the baby shower and the other guests were left amazed, and slightly jealous! If you are unsure on if the baby will be a girl or boy you could always opt for a neutral baby nappy cake in yellow where all of the contents in the nappy cake are unisex and suitable for a girl or boy baby.

If you have a smaller budget there are still a wide range of quirky and unusual (but useful) baby gifts you can give that are guaranteed to give the wow factor as a nappy cake would. Our deliciously tempting baby jam, baby smoothies, baby ice cream, sock cakes, sock eggs and cup cakes are delightfully charming and start from just £4.99.


butterfly nappy cake     

Here are our Top Ten baby shower games:


Guessing games – Each guest makes guesses on whether they think the baby will be a boy or girl, it’s birth weight and whether it will  be born early or late and by how many days. The closest guesses win a prize once the baby is born.


Feeding time! – Fill some baby bottles with water or fruit juice and have a race to see who can drink all of the juice from the baby’s bottle the fastest by suckling it like a baby! The expectant mummy wouldn’t be too pleased if you used the actual baby’s bottles so best nip down to a pound shop for some bargain bottles!


Baby Bump – Each guest guesses the circumference of the mummy to be’s baby bump. Take a roll of ribbon and one by one each guest cuts off a length that they think will fit best around mummy’s tummy. (Curling ribbon is a good idea as it is not too expensive to buy and comes on a large reel, and you can get it in pink for a girl, blue for a boy or yellow for unisex). Once everyone has got their length of ribbon you can put them around mummy’s tummy to see which is the closest fit and that guest wins a prize.


Baby Shower Games Bingo

Stick the dummy on the Baby / Pin the Baby on the Mummy – Just like pin the tail on the donkey but with an egg and sperm or a baby and mummy!


Baby Trivia – Make a quiz full of questions and trivia based around babies, the one who answers most questions correctly wins a prize!


Baby Faces – Each guest brings a baby photo of themselves but does not show anyone else. The organiser collects them in without looking, shuffles them and lays them face up on the table. Now everyone has to guess who is who!


Guess the baby items – Mummy to be, or the guests in turn are blind folded and then presented with a baby related item and they have to guess what it is and tell everyone in the room. Try to use unusual shaped things and odd items that are harder to guess.


Don’t say Baby! – Throughout the duration of the baby shower if anyone mentions the word ‘baby’ they get a token which can be a card, safety pin, button or so on. The guest with the least tokens at the end is the winner!


Cotton Wool Balls – You will need two large bowls, a wooden spoon, blind fold and cotton wool balls. Fill one bowl with the cotton wool balls. Each guest takes it in turn to be blindfolded, they then have to spoon as many cotton wool balls from one bowl to the other using the wooden spoon. Due to the spoon being heavy and the balls being so light the guest will find it difficult to tell if they actually have any balls on the spoon or not and will consequently spend most of the time spooning empty spoonfulls into the other bowl. This is very amusing for the other guests to watch! Whoever transfers the most cotton wool balls in one minute is the winner!


Baby Brains Memory Game – Fill a tray with about 15 baby related items and cover with a tea towel. Uncover the tray for 30 seconds and then recover. See how many items each guests have baby brains and how many can recall all the items! You could also remove one item from the tray and see if they can guess which item is missing.


Guess the Baby Food! – Buy some jars of baby food and empty each one into a separate bowl. Be sure to dispose of the empty jars so no-one knows what the labels say! Each guest then has to take a spoon and try some to guess what each one is! You can also play this game by putting a dollop of different baby food, each in a different nappy, guests have to sniff the nappy to decide which flavour the food is!

Ok, ok there are 11 games here but who’s counting!


This guide was written for Pure Nappy Cakes and may not be copied in whole or part for any reason other than personal reference without the prior express written permission of Pure Nappy Cakes Ltd