We teamed up with Aldi to promote Mamia at The Baby Show in Birmingham by creating two whopping great nappy cakes made exclusively with Mamia brand products, here's how we got on!

Aldi nappy cake

Each nappy cake was made with a mixture of Mamia brand Newborn and Mamia Ultra-Dry nappies (absolutely fab quality in our opinion and felt the same as the leading brand that we usually work with).

The nappy cakes were packed out with Mamia Baby Bath, Baby Shampoo, Baby Wipes, Baby Juice and Baby Food and finished off with Aldi Mamia branded ribbons.

We lost count of the amount of nappies but it's fair to say there were absolutely hundreds and the nappy cakes weighed a tonne and each required custom made boxes for the delivery!

Mamia baby juice

Mamia baby bath Mamia baby shampoo
Mamia newborn nappies Mamia nappies Aldi mamia baby wipes

The finished nappy cakes were showcased at the Birmingham NEC where they were a massive hit with plenty of visitors taking a selfie with the nappy cakes!

Here's a selection of the frenzy of tweets posted on the day:

baby show tweets

The nappy cakes were then given away as prizes for a competition run by Mamia to two very lucky winners!

aldi nappy cake close up

mamia nappy cake baby show